Victorian RSA Course Online $65

Accredited VCGLR Responsible Service of Alcohol Course

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 You're supported the entire class 

Receive Your Fully Accredited Victorian 

RSA Certificate on the Day!


RSA Course For Victoria Online via Zoom

✓ Online virtual classroom environment

✓ RSA Course Duration is 4 Hours

✓ Receive your Accredited VCGLR RSA Certificate on the Day


You need access to only ONE device listed below:

✓ Any laptop with webcam and microphone

✓ Desktop Computer with webcam & microphone

✓ iphone

✓ ipad

✓ Android smart phone

✓ Android tablet

What our students say about our RSA Course....

Why Dean recommends our RSA Class.....


5 Stars

"Excellent course, very enjoyable and helped me understand alot more about the industry.  Highly recommened 5 out of 5!


Let Rachael tell why she loved our RSA....


5 Stars

"The course was super enjoyable.  It went by much quicker than I expected.  Definitely would recommend to anyone"


Jonathan says our RSA was Fantastic....


5 Stars

"Thought it was fantastic!  Very insightful, friendly and supporting environment to learn in".